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Kor Sach Chrouk

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50 min
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EasyOne Pot/PanGood for LeftoversWeeknight DinnerVietnameseAsianDairy-FreeMain CourseBreakfast

Kor Sach Chrouk or "Caramelized pork belly stew". Many southeast Asian countries have a version of this dish. The flavor profile are sweet savory, peppery and DELICIOUS.

The aroma of 5 spice and sweet pork would waft through our home for hours before we were able to eat this for dinner. My mom would make this and let it sit on the stove through out the day and we would walk by and take a big scoop out and ladle the sweet broth over our bowl of rice. The version I grew up with included hard boiled eggs that would be cooked for hours and became super rubbery. In my version we cook eggs to remain tender with a creamy yolk. Hmmm.. This dish makes me miss home.

The version we will be making today is a Cambodian version. The black peppercorn we will be using is very aromatic and very peppery from the special black pepper. The Kampot black peppercorn is grown in special soil along the mekong river that flows through Cambodia

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Special Equipment

Medium Pot
Rice Cooker


Pork Stew
pork belly
eggs, whole
chicken stock
fish sauce
5 spice powder
soy sauce
kampot black pepper
crispy garlic
bambo tips
jasmine rice


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