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Kor Sach Chrouk Nuggets

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4 Appetizer Portions
35 min
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Prep ahead: Prepare the Kor Sach Chrouk stew. Recipe in collection.
MediumGood for LeftoversAsianDairy-FreeDinnerFor TwoAppetizer

Sweet, Savory pork nuggets fried until crispy and tossed in a sauce of caramelized palm sugar and Kampot Black pepper. This dish is a staple in many South East Asian cultures using different spices. This dish was born from Kor Sach Chrouk. A pork belly stew eaten with rice and typically a hard boiled egg. I took this Cambodian dish one step further and made it into a delicious appetizer.

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Special Equipment

Medium Pot
Deep Fryer


kor sach chrouk
braising liquid
corn starch
canola oil


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